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Portland, OR


Free Transform Media offers freelance media production services including videography, photography, biography, and any other -ography you can think of. Founded by Molly Woodstock in 2009, F/T is based in the majestic Pacific Northwest. We believe that everyone has a fascinating and beautiful story to tell; our mission is to preserve and share these stories with a global audience. 

My Story

My life has always revolved around swapping stories. As soon as I learned to talk, I began endlessly pestering my parents to tell me stories that spanned 100-mile drives. The first book I remember reading is “Dragons Don’t Cook Pizza;” the first that I recall writing was about a family of beetles, called “Friends.”

Visual storytelling also fascinated me from an early age.  I enjoyed experimenting with Polaroids and trick photography, and soon began borrowing my mother’s digital camera to document AYSO soccer games. At age eight, I filmed a series of music videos for DEMO, a pop group I founded that, bafflingly, never made it big. I also created a spin-off of Scooby-Doo, “Ducky-Doo,” which I filmed in installments at my ninth and tenth birthday parties.

After earning my B.F.A. in film production at Chapman University, I returned to the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Since 2014, I've served as the digital content editor at Sagacity Media, where I've written more than 500 articles for Travel Portland and Portland Monthly Magazine. I also produce a podcast called Gender Reveal, which explores the world of nonbinary gender. 

Find me on Twitter and Instagram, or drop me a line at woodstockmolly@gmail.com. I look forward to meeting you! 

 Photo: Muffy J. Davis

Photo: Muffy J. Davis