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Portland, OR


Free Transform Media offers freelance media production services including videography, photography, biography, and any other -ography you can think of. Founded by Molly Woodstock in 2009, F/T is based in the majestic Pacific Northwest. We believe that everyone has a fascinating and beautiful story to tell; our mission is to preserve and share these stories with a global audience. 

Smash Everything


Produced and edited by Molly Woodstock, Smash Everything is a podcast about feminism, culture, gender, sexuality, race, class, societal norms, and more. It ran 63 episodes from April 2016 to December 2017.

Smash Everything's most popular episodes explored asexuality, marriage, gaslighting, gendered language, and toxic masculinity, among other topics.

Find the full Smash Everything archives on iTunes and Soundcloud