Molly Woodstock headshot.png

Molly Woodstock is a journalist, audio producer, and inclusivity educator. They are queer and trans and biracial and vegan and other things.

Molly has previously worked as a health editor and vegan food writer, but currently focuses their work on LGBTQIA+ folks and topics. They offer workshops and talks about gender, asexuality, and diversity & equity. They also host a weekly podcast called Gender Reveal.

Molly has a B.F.A. in documentary film production from Chapman University. Since 2013, they’ve worked at Sagacity Media, where they’ve written 500+ articles for various publications and edited hundreds more. They’ve also freelanced for the Washington Post and Bitch.

Molly feels obligated to tell you that they are a Sagittarius sun, Aquarius moon, Leo rising. They live in Portland, Oregon, with a kitten named Rhubarb.