Talks & Consults

Did you know that inclusivity training helps folks improve their relationships, be better humans, and probably make more money? (Tell your boss that last one!)

Talks & Workshops

  • Gender 101: Basic gender competency training for all ages and backgrounds.

  • Basic Diversity Training: Gender, race, privilege, and so much more.

  • (A)sexuality: This talk explores the four types of attraction and explains intimidating terms like "demisexual.”

  • Trans Folks in the Media: A survey of how journalists typically talk about trans folks, and how we can do better.

  • Your Loved One Just Came Out—Now What: How to best support LGBTQIA+ friends and family.

  • Feminism for Them: How do we include nonbinary/trans folks in the contemporary feminist movement?

  • And more! Looking for something not on this list? If it has to do with gender, queerness, body image, or anything we've ever talked about on the podcast, we'd love to talk with you about it. 


We’d love to help you improve your event / class / branding / essay / podcast / etc. to make it more inclusive of LGBTQIA+ folks! Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.


Molly is a warm, friendly, and approachable human with a wealth of knowledge about how to be more mindful of how to champion inclusivity and diversity in our day-to-day lives. From Molly’s workshop, I learned that as a society, we tend to see others as WE are, rather than as THEY are. It’s helpful to remind ourselves that every person is the expert of their own experience, and everyone deserves respect for who they are.” — Jeremy Pelley, co-founder, OMFGCO

“[Molly’s] willingness to walk everyone through the basics of what terms mean as well as higher-level conversations about [trans] tropes, stereotypes and how to balance harm against clarity was so helpful. It was one of the best attended trainings we have ever had at The Oregonian, and was universally appreciated for being receptive to questions, many of which were thrown at them off the cuff. Molly was able to give thoughtful, nuanced answers on some tough topics while keeping the discussion productive and open.” — Molly Harbarger, reporter, The Oregonian